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Over the first weekend of September the Club hold their annual 2 day 6-a-side tournament, this is our main fundraising event that keeps our subscriptions extremely competitive and best in the community. For the tournament to be a success, it is down to the smooth running of the days with support of parents/guardians.

We only REQUIRE volunteers to support the event with 1/2 day (5 to 6 hours) of support on the day your team plays. For example, if your team are playing Saturday am, volunteering is required Saturday pm. To check your teams playing time contact your age group coach/manager. 

Details of volunteering roles and timings have been sent out recently however, will still require more support therefore please register by clicking [email protected] stating what 1/2 day you can support from the following:

  • Saturday am
  • Saturday pm
  • Sunday am
  • Sunday pm
  • Sunday pm clear up from 5pm

Thank you for your support with these Club events!

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